Rainguard HD. Head to head, other optics can't make head or tails...


Even in conditions that render other optics ineffective, Bushnell riflescopes, binoculars, rangefinders and spotting scopes that feature Rainguard HD deliver a clearer view. Our patented coating eliminates lens fogging, boosts brightness and scatters moisture. Without it, you’re not ready.


This permanent, patented, hydrophobic (water-repellant), oleophobic lens coating prevents fogging by causing condensation from rain, sleet, snow or even your own breath to bead up into much smaller droplets than on standard coatings. Smaller droplets scatter less light which results in a clearer, brighter view. Now you don't have to miss the shot of a lifetime because of rain or accidentally breathing on your eyepiece.


You will find a few imitators, some that require periodic reapplication. They work sometimes, or not at all. Absolute surety at the moment of truth is what RainGuard HD is all about. And nothing else even comes close.


Without Rainguard HD With Rainguard HD

Without RainGuard HD, moisture spreads across the porous
lens and obscures the view.

With RainGuard HD, moisture on the lens beads up and scatters less light for a clear field of view.