CPM-S30V Properties:
CPM Powdered Metal properties
Conventional Steel CPM-S30V Steel
CPM Powdered Metal

CPM-S30V is designed to offer the best combination of edge retention, durability and corrosion resistance. The CPM process produces very homogeneous, high-quality steel characterized by superior dimensional stability, grindability, and toughness when compared to steels produced by conventional processes. The result is a blade steel designed for the longest seasons, the harshest environments and the toughest jobs.




Edge Retention

To most hunters, edge retention is the most important feature. The better the edge retention, the less you have to sharpen a knife while field dressing. This is one of the primary reasons that CPM-S30V was selected for the HUNT line. The standard test used to indicate edge retention is the CATRA test. This test measures initial cutting depth as well as edge retention over many cuts. CPM-S30V performs near the top of premium hunting steels in this test.


Edge angle also plays a significant role in edge retention. If the edge angle is too shallow, the blade won't cut as well. If the angle is too steep the edge won't last. We have found the optimal range for edge retention and edge quality to be 30° - 35°.




Hunters demand durability and CPM steel delivers! CPM-S30V is a sintered powdered metal steel. At the foundry, the correct chemistry is created and the steel is then cast into millions of tiny BB's. These are then collected and fused back into a solid billet under extreme pressure and temperature. The newly formed billet is then forged and rolled into sheets for us to laser cut our blades from. This specialised process makes the grain structure of the steel very homogenous (or uniform). Because of the very uniform grain structure there are no weak points or bands in the blade, increasing the consistency of strength over other non-powder blade metals.



Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion reistance is paramount to a treliable outdoor blade. There are not many things more damaging or irrevocable than rust. CPM-S30V is a TRUE stainless steel and this makes it very low maintenance when exposed to corrosive agents like water or blood. Steels like D2 need to be kept clean and well oiled to prevent rust and this can be easy to forget about and downright hard to follow through with in the bush. This gives stainless steels like CPM-S30V a significant advantage over other carbon steels for outdoor use. In fact, lab tests showed that after being exposed to a corrosive environment for 96 hours, CPM-S30V outperformed D2 by 619%.


Corrosion Test. Left side - 572 total sections:
D2 Steel CPM-S30V Steel
Corrosion Test - D2 Corrosion Test - CPM-S30V
Affected Sections: 421
Percentage of corrosion: 73.6%
Affected Sections: 68
Percentage of corrosion: 11.89%




CPM-S30V is a great choice when you need a blade steel with outstanding characteristics. It strikes a perfect balance in all areas that are important to serious knife users. CPM-S30V combines lasting cut performance, great edge retention, durability, and corrosion resistance all in one premium steel.




At some point, no matter how good the edge retention is, a knife will begin to dull and Benchmade has a number of different field sharpening tools that will work to reshape the edge on your knife.